4 Fun Filled and Easy Phonemic Awareness Activities for Children

One of the most challenging tasks for small children is learning to read. In fact, if you really think about it, it is amazing that children are capable of learning to read in such a short span of time. However, before your child begins to learn to read, it is important that he has a basic understanding of how sounds work in words. This is known as phonemic awareness. Phonemics and Spelling Activity for Children

Take a look at 4 of the most fun and easy phonemic awareness activities for children.

  1. The Listening-Game
  2. One of the first phonemic awareness activities that children can benefit from is the listening game. This is an activity where children are made aware of the noise around them. They use their ears instead of their eyes – spotting a sound with their ears.

  3. In-My-Box 
  4. Rhyming is another fantastic phonemic awareness activity. You can introduce rhyming to children by reading fun books with rhymes, songs and poems. In My Box is a game where you place pictures with familiar words that rhyme in a box and children take turns choosing a picture and use words that rhyme with the picture they pick.

  5. Bippity Boppity Bumble-Bee
  6. Syllables make children aware of how they can split up words into smaller parts based on sounds. Bippity Boppity Bumble Bee is a fun game that starts easy with children clapping out names and as the game progresses, they start using words that have more syllables.

  7. “Moo-Moo,” Where Are You?
  8. This is another fun listening game. In this game, one child goes to a corner and makes a sound while everyone else closes their eyes, and then another child has to point to the place where the sound came from. It teaches children to listen closely for sounds.

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