Top 10 Magazines for Parents in 2015

Are you looking for new magazines for parents this year? The following list of top 10 magazines has more than enough ideas to keep you set for magazines in 2015.

  1. PARENTSTop Parenting Magezins Parents recruits the top childcare experts in the country to explain proven parenting techniques and offer straightforward advice for modern moms and dads.

  2. FAMILYFUN FamilyFun is geared toward parents with children ages 3 to 12. It offers a wealth of options for family time including creative projects, educational pursuits, and travel ideas.

  3. WORKING MOTHER Working Mother features articles and other content geared toward working moms including careers, balancing home and work life, health tips, and inspirational interviews.

  4. PARENT & CHILD Parent & Child ensures that parents know how to take an active role in the development of their children. It covers topics ranging from what to expect from preschool teachers to how to teach children to gain independence.

  5. PREGNANCY & NEWBORN Pregnancy & Newborn has everything that you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy and first year of your child’s life.

  6. FIT PREGNANCY Fit Pregnancy covers safe workouts, medical news, nutritional guides, and baby gear to keep you fit, healthy, and happy during your pregnancy.

  7. YOUR TEEN Your Teen boasts up to date, realistic advice and insight about common teen topics and issues including dating, driving, school, and peer pressure.

  8. YUM FOOD & FUN FOR KIDS Yum Food & Fun for Kids believes in spending quality time in the kitchen as a family. It contains quick dinner recipes, complex party ideas, and everything in between.

  9. KIWI Kiwi is dedicated to helping parents make sound, practice choices for their families from choosing a family friendly vacation destination to serving healthy, well balanced meals and snacks.

  10. MILITARY SPOUSE Military Spouse is the only national magazine intended solely for U.S. military spouses and covers all aspects of military life.

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