Teach Your Child to Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

In a digital age where children have numerous options for entertainment on TV and on the computer, many of them don’t spend as much time outside as past generations. Teaching your child to enjoy the beauty of nature must be a high priority for parents in the 21st century. The sooner that you can instill this appreciation in your child, the more likely it is that it will stick with them for years to come. With spring right around the corner, there has never been a better time to take up this challenge.

Teach Your Child to Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Set an example
If children never see their parents and teachers enjoying and appreciating nature, it’s much harder for them to understand why it’s so important. Make a point of getting outside on a regular basis with or without your children. Starting a small backyard garden or when the weather cooperates, taking your morning run through the neighborhood instead of on the treadmill in the basement will go a long way.

enjoying the nature together Seek out recreational activities that you both enjoy
Spending time in and appreciating nature shouldn’t be a chore. Your children won’t look forward to getting outside if it often involves doing something that they dread. As you plan outdoor activities for the family, make sure to get input from your little ones. If they’re stuck for ideas, research options together.

Look for ways to protect natural beauty
Unless we are deliberate about caring for the Earth, we will continue to destroy more natural beauty than we preserve. Start with preservation right in your own community, such as throwing trash away in a garbage can and riding a bike to school or work instead of driving. From there, you can look for ways to get involved in larger initiatives, such as beach clean ups and recycling collections.

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