Parenting Your Preschooler: 4 Things They Need to Thrive

Known as The Wonder Years, ages three to five is when children explore and engage with the world, learn how to be friends and how to control their bodies, minds and emotions. With your help, these years will build a fertile foundation for your child’s entire life.

Parenting Your Preschooler

Here are 4 things that your preschooler needs to thrive.

  • Structure

    Parenting your PreschoolerChildren feel safe when they have a regular routine, and this is vital for preschoolers as they struggle with different fears every day. You should make sure that your household is predictable, so that your child feels safe and secure.

  • Proper sleep

    It is important for preschoolers to get enough sleep. If they don’t, three to five year olds will not be resourceful enough to cope with their day’s demands.

  • Control over food

    You may decide what food your family will eat, but you should let your preschooler decide how much they want to eat. Keep in mind that children should have smaller meals throughout the day or they will snack all day. Also, make sure they eat a variety of healthy nutritious food.

  • Quality time with parents

    Your preschooler’s brain is rapidly experiencing growth and consolidation, in learning and emotional self-regulation. It is critical for your child to have plenty of quality, intimate time with affectionate parents for emotional as well as brain development.

Preschoolers need help with emotions and learning to express themselves to be able to thrive. You can help and support your little ones with all their needs to ensure that they thrive not only during their childhood but throughout their lives.

About Pacific Preschool & Kindergarten

Pacific PreSchool & Kindergarten is one-of-a-kind preschool and child care center in San Marcos, California. Their goal is to provide an early childhood education program to little children so that it satisfies their physical, socio-emotional and child development needs in a progressive way. Lynda Way, the owner of Pacific PreSchool & Kindergarten, makes use of her 40 years of professional knowledge in childhood development and truly loves what she does.

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