How to Keep Your Child Quick, Clean and Organized

Staying quick, clean and organized all starts at a young age. It is important you teach your children the importance of completing work in a timely, organized and understandable fashion. Whether it be school work or a simple task around the house, it is important you help him or her in laying out the ground rules for how to complete a task or project.

Kids Helping in Organizing Things to their mom

Here are 3 steps for both children and adults to get quick, clean and organized along with age appropriate ways to apply them:

  1. Getting organized The first thing your child should do when presented with a task is get organized. This means going to the place where the project needs to be completed, gathering all of the necessary tools to complete the project and arranging them in the most efficient way possible. Even if you child does not master this right away, he or she will learn.
  2. Staying on task Once your child has gotten himself organized, he needs to begin working on the project to the exclusion of all else. This means that he needs to learn how to ignore distractions and to stay focused on exactly what needs to be done. Help your child in learning how to stay focused by allowing them to take a break when they are half way through.
  3. Completing the task There are many steps to completing a task. Perhaps the two most involved aspects of completing a task are organization and the finishing touches. Once your child has completed the task, encourage him or her to double check his work. Next, he or she needs to put away all of the tools that he gathered in the organization stage, in an organized fashion. Only after the finishing touches have been applied is the project complete.

Here is an example of using all 3 steps:

Suppose you ask your child to help you paint the garage. The first thing he or she would do is help you in getting organized, collecting the paint, brushes, drop cloth and whatever else that is needed to complete the project. Next, help him or her in staying on task and working at painting the garage until it is complete. Taking a break here and there is okay as long as you can teach your child to keep the end goal in sight. Lastly, clean up!

Your child will be so pleased with their work and you will be happy to know that they can complete a task fully.

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