How to Ensure a Safe Summer for Your Child

Summer is an ideal time for families to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend some quality time outdoors with their children. Whether you’re heading out for a day trip to a zoo or you’re setting off for a week long trip across the country, it’s very important to keep your child safe during your summer adventures.

Sun and Insect Protection

Sunscreen is a must for both sunny and cloudy days. Apply it generously at least half an hour before heading outside, and then reapply it every couple hours. For small children with sensitive skin, avoiding going out during peak sun hours, Always dress them with protective clothing and equip them with hats and sunglasses. If you’ll be spending time in an area with lots of insects around, dress your child in long pants, long sleeved shirts, and close toed shoes. It would be great if you apply insect repellent liberally.

Pedestrian Safety

Once your child has started walking independently, encourage him/her to hold the hands of an adult or a responsible older child when they’re near parked and moving vehicles. Children must also learn to walk and not run across the street; make eye contact with nearby drivers and use sidewalks whenever it’s possible. Follow these rules yourself to set a good example for your children.

Water Safety

Whenever your children are in or around water bodies, you must supervise them to ensure their safety. Ideally, you should stay within an arm’s length of your child, when they are around a water body. Toddlers can drown in water bodies, as shallow as a couple of inches, which means that you need to keep an eye on babies and young children even around bathtubs and wading pools.

Helmet Safety

Children participating in any type of wheeled activity, such as biking and skating, should be wearing a properly fitted helmet. When you join your children in wheeled activities, wear your helmet, too.

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