Identifying the Best Learning Style for Your Child

While you observe your child thrive and learn, it eventually becomes obvious that every child has their personal style of learning and communicating with the surrounding world. When you discover your child’s best mode of learning, you can help him/her learn more effectively. During this process, as a parent, you can also understand your own learning style because you are automatically inclined to teach in that manner.

Identifying the Best Learning Style for Your Child

You can read on to determine the type of learning style best applicable to your child.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learners are attracted to sound and can learn best by utilizing their sense of hearing. These learners are content by expressing their thoughts verbally.

Indications of Auditory Learners

  • Recollect information by speaking aloud.
  • Require oral instructions.
  • May have difficulty with written instructions.
  • Converse with themselves while learning new things.
  • Enjoy group communication over operating alone.
  • Have a good aptitude for music, instruments or oratory skills.

Visual Learning Style

It is quite obvious that these people learn through their sense of sight. It is considered to be the predominant learning style and several traditional classrooms are transitioning to cater to the visual learner.

Indications of Visual Learners

  • Retain visual details and have strong imagination.
  • Prefer to learn through watching.
  • Inclined towards art and crafts.
  • Good at sensing direction and map reading.
  • Aptitude for reading and a love of books.
  • Keen observers of the surroundings.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic learners learn best by means of physical activities and movement. Since these types of learners are physical, their learning style involves touch, movement, and motion.

Indications of Kinesthetic Learners

  • Show inclination towards physical activities like sports, dance, etc.
  • Tend to be quite fidgety while processing information.
  • Make frequent use of gestures when explaining something.
  • Enjoy writing, drawing or crafting.
  • Early physical development in case of walking, crawling etc.
  • Have distinct hand-eye coordination.

Logical/Analytical Learners

These learners are better at exploring patterns and perceiving how things link up to each other. Analytical learners enjoy learning activities that are supported by factual information and tend to reflect on their learning routine.

Indications of Logical/Analytical Learners

  • Passionate about understanding how things work.
  • Develop an aptitude for logical thinking at a very early age.
  • Inquisitive to know how things correlate.
  • Quite good at solving mathematical problems.
  • Good aptitude for understanding strategy games from a young age.
  • Your child may exhibit some aptitude in each of the above learning styles, but upon a closer observation, you might discover that he/she has a strong affinity for a particular learning style. This realization can guide you to adapt to your child’s learning process in order to support his/her talents.

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