Halloween Games That Every Kid Will Love to Play

Kids love any excuse to play party games. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, make sure to provide kid appropriate entertainment. If you’re not having a party, it can still be fun to gather your children and some of their friends to play a few of the following games to get them into the Halloween spirit.

  • Mummy wrap. Divide the kids up into teams of three with one mummy and two mummy wrappers. The wrappers must wrap their mummy from head to toe in toilet paper with no clothing showing.Halloween Games for kids

  • Halloween joke and punch line. Write down Halloween jokes and punch lines on separate pieces of paper. Give each kid a piece of paper. Then have them walk around and find the other half of the joke.

  • Prize bucket of guts. Fill a bowl or bucket with cold cooked pasta, Jell-O, or another slimy substance. Hide prizes in it. Blindfold the kids or turn out the lights and have them take turns searching for the prizes.

  • Circle ghost story. Have one child start a ghost story. Then go around in a circle and have each kid add to it until it reaches a conclusion.

  • Halloween memory. Halloween memory cards are readily available online. Print them on card stock and play just as you would play a regular memory game.

  • Bean bag toss. There are lots of fun ways to play a Halloween bean bag toss game. Consider cutting out large pumpkin shapes on a cardboard box. You can also decorate small containers with Halloween characters. Assign a point value to each pumpkin or container accordingly.

  • Candy guessing game. Fill a large clear bowl with the candy of your choosing. Have children guess how many pieces of candy are in the bowl. The kid with the closest guess wins a prize.

Other Awesome Ideas
  • Bobbing for Apples.No Halloween party is complete without this classic game. Fill a round, shallow bucket with water, add some apples, and let the fun begin. And remember — no hands allowed!

Source:Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids by Lindsay Hutton

  • Spider Web Walking by No Time for Flash Cards
  • DIY Autumn Fun Tic Tac Toe Table by It’s Overflowing

Source:Awesome Halloween Games for Kids

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