Easter Fun: 7 Ideas to Dye Vibrant Eggs with Your Child

Dying Easter eggs is a fun way to get your little ones involved in the Easter festivities. The more vibrant the eggs, the more likely it is that you’ll keep your children interested. The following seven ideas will keep you busy during the upcoming holiday.

  1. Food coloring. Food coloring can produce rich colors but only when used in large amounts and when the eggs soak for one or two hours. It can be hard to wait that long to take the eggs out of the dye, but it’ll be well worth it.

  2. Ukrainian Easter egg kit. Ukrainian Easter egg kits are known for their deep colors and fun patterns. They’re readily available online.

  3. Cute Bunny holding an Easter eggKool aid. Kool aid is a fun way to get rich colors that aren’t offered elsewhere. Add a packet of Kool-Aid to three quarters of a cup of water and dye the eggs for about a minute.

  4. Liquid watercolors. Liquid watercolors are a concentrated paint that can be used as is to create more vibrant colors than traditional watercolors. Take a water dropper to apply the paint to the eggs.

  5. Watercolor pencils. Once you’ve dyed your eggs a bold color, use watercolor pencils to add detail work for a one of a kind touch. Watercolor pencils are easy for children to use, and the possibilities for drawing with them are endless.

  6. Natural materials. There are a number of foods, drinks, and herbs that make beautiful egg dyes including purple cabbage, yellow and red onions, beets, turmeric, and tea. If you want bright colors, use a larger quantity of material than the recipe suggests.

  7. 3D stickers. 3D scrapbooking stickers are a simple way to add designs to the eggs once you’ve dyed them, taking the color level of the eggs up a notch.

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