5 Spooktacular Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is a time for some scary fun, but it can be dangerous because of the darkness. Make this year’s celebrations safe and fun-filled by taking a few of the following precautions.

  1. SupervisionHalloween Saftey tips Any child under 12 should be accompanied by an older teenager or adult. Children often become over-excited and forget the safety rules regarding street crossing and strangers. For older kids, having them go as a group offers safety for them. It is also a good idea to make sure that they are equipped with a flashlight to light their way, a watch to keep track of when they should check in and be home, and a cell phone with GPS tracking, so they can be in touch at a moment’s notice.

  2. Reflective Tape Adding a few strips of reflective tape to your child’s costume will enable motorist’s to see them easier. Place some around the ankles and arms. Also, put a strip somewhere on their back so they can be seen from all sides.

  3. Costumes Besides making sure all costumes are fire-resistant, try to make sure there are no dragging ties or other pieces that can be tripped over. Make sure all accessories have dull edges and use makeup instead of a mask to help keep eyes clear.

  4. Review Safety Rules Remind your child of proper street-crossing rules and what to do if they feel uncomfortable about a situation. Remind them to only knock on well-lit doors and to never enter any houses for any reason. Help them decide their route in advance and point out “safety stops” in case they feel that they need help.

  5. Treats Make a rule that nothing is to be eaten until your child gets home and you check their bags. Throw away anything that appears to be unwrapped or dirty.

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