Halloween Fun for Newly Adopted Children


Come fall, most children wait eagerly for Halloween when they can go trick or treating. If you have just adopted a child it can be a scary experience for the child as he or she may have never experienced the joy of Halloween. As parent of a newly adopted child it is your responsibility to prepare the child for this exciting night. If handled correctly your newly adopted child will enjoy the experience and wait impatiently for the next year’s Halloween.

Here are some ways to prepare newly adopted children for Halloween and trick or treat.

Read Halloween-related books.

Introduce your child to Halloween by reading books about Halloween and making the child understand why this day is celebrated. Once the child understands this, he or she will be more open to participate in Halloween related activities.


Buy props and Halloween decoration.

Take your adopted child to a store to pick up Halloween props and decorations. Let him get excited about the prospect of buying spooky things and then setting them up at his new home. Give him a free hand to choose what he wants. Help when you think it is needed.

Watch Halloween movies together.

Set aside time to watch child related Halloween movies together and ensure that your newly adopted child has fun while watching it. This will make him more receptive to this fun filled holiday.

Carve pumpkins together.

It can be a fun and enjoyable experience to carve pumpkins together. So let your adopted child select his pumpkin and carve it the way he wants to. Of course you will be doing the carving because of the knife. So make sure he understands this. Watching the pumpkin take shape will get the child excited.

Select a trick or treat costume.

Take your child to a store and help him select his trick or treat costume. Ensure the costume is comfortable and the child can walk without problems.

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